Watch video: NAWT: Preparing for the unexpected - what would happen to your dog?

What would happen to your dog if you are sick, or even if you die?

Clare Williams is the Chief Executive of the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT). In this video she tells us about two schemes, devised by NAWT, to help people to prepare for what would happen to their pets if they were unable to take care of them personally.

One of these schemes, called "Tails of the Unexpected" deals with short term problems such as the pet owner going into hospital. The owner can obtain a leaflet and accompanying forms that enable them not only to think clearly about who would look after their pet but also to create a pack that supplies the dog-sitter with all the information they need to be able to do this in a stress free way.

We spoke to Jill and Malcolm about their experience of using this scheme and why they think it is a good idea.


0:00 Introduction

7:32 We find out about the NAWT's Pet Care Card scheme where the pet owner has an agreement with NAWT to look after and re-home their pet when they have passed away. It must be reassuring in these circumstances to know that their pet would not suffer.

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