Watch video: Pet blood bank UK - dogs can donate blood too!

Did you know that dogs can give blood as well as people?
(NOTE: This video was filmed in 2011)

In this article, we find out about canine blood donating, and how dogs who give blood are helping the veterinary profession to save lives. We catch up with Pet Blood Bank UK founder Wendy Barnett at the company headquarters in Loughborough, where she talks us through the recent history of this great company. We also get an overview of the process that donated blood goes through, and what happens to it after that. Wendy explains what happens in a donation session, and explains a little of the research they were doing in 2011 into blood coagulation factors to investigate how long blood can be safely stored.

0:00 Introduction
1:18 Blood donation sessions
2:14 How is the blood or plasma processed and stored
3:26 What is donated blood used for?
4:14 Do dogs have different blood types?
5:34 Ongoing research

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