Watch video: Photizo light therapy and how to use it

One interesting development in the field of alternative medicine is that of light therapy. Photizo is an LED light therapy device which is safe enough for anyone to use to treat a variety of problems. In this video, Ruth Milner from Danetre Health Products demonstrates and explains how to use such a device.

This video includes:
0:00 Introduction
1:10 How to use Photizo light therapy at home for wounds, skin conditions, insect bites etc
1:29 How to use Photizo light therapy at home for pain and degenerative conditions
1:51 How close to hold the device
3:10 What if the animal moves away
3:49 Using light therapy for pain relief
5:31 Is light therapy safe for puppies and older dogs?
5:37 Is laser therapy better than LED light thereapy?
6:26 Where can I buy or hire a photizo device?

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