Watch video: Police dog training

What breeds are used for police dog work? What are they trained to do?

0:00 Introduction
1:10 what breeds are used as police dogs
1:30 are police dogs bred or rescued
2:07 How old are police dogs when they start training
2:58 where do police dogs live
3:49 what do you teach police dogs
5:25 drugs, cash and weapons search dog Charlie

PC Paul Rogers from Cambridgeshire Police explains the role of police dogs and some of the fantastic work their scent dogs and tracking dogs do. This video is a fascinating insight into life working with police dogs in the UK.

PC Paul Rogers explains what types of dogs are used in the UK police force, the type of training they do and where the dogs come from. PC Paul tells how some of the dogs they have are abandoned rescue dogs that go on to have a fantastic life, living with a policeman and working as a police dog.

We also meet Charlie, a Labrador, who has just retired from his 'sniffer dog' career. We hear how Charlie once found drugs worth £500,000 in one particular raid, and is also rather partial to sniffing out cake...

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