Watch video: Police Dogs - Tracking dogs

PC Paul Rogers from Cambridgeshire Police explains how they train their police tracking dogs to track and find people and items.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 police tracking dogs finding missing people
4:00 training a new police dog to track

Tracking is a major part of a UK police dog's job. Dogs are trained for 3 months to be able to search for goods, explosives, or even people, whether they be an offender or a missing child or adult.

The training they do makes use of the dog's natural ability to follow and find things using their sense of smell. As you can see from the footage during this video - they really love it!

Here we see tracking training in action on a rather windy day! This shows that, even with fast moving scents, the dogs are still able to locate the scent they need to do their fantastic job.

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