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Jocelyn Creffield has been breeding and showing Portuguese Water Dogs for over 10 years. She especially enjoys them for their lovely, friendly, outgoing personalities. They are quite a large breed and come in two main colours, black or brown. There are two main coat types, curly or wavy but, like poodles, neither coat sheds. They can be groomed in a "pet dog" style which tends to be short all over or "show style" where the hindquarters are clipped completely and the face is trimmed, but the rest of the coat is left long. This goes back to when they were clipped for their original purpose of helping fishermen. The long coat was left where necessary to help to keep them warm, but it was clipped where it got in the way. Both coats need maintaining through regular grooming.

They are still naturally drawn to water and need plenty of exercise but they are intelligent and trainable, if a little wilful.

Generally speaking, they are a healthy breed, although they have been known to suffer from PRA, an eye disease. They can be tested for this, so it's worth being aware of that when choosing a puppy. As they are quite a large dog, most responsible breeders will also hip score them although Portuguese Water Dogs tend to come out well on this test.
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