Watch video: Dog product review - Magloc

This is an amazing clip to help with attaching the lead to the dog's collar or harness.

There are occasions when pulling back the clip on a lead to attach it to a harness or collar might be a fiddle. In cold weather, for example, when you can't feel your fingers or are wearing thick gloves, or if you have less manual dexterity because of a problem with your hand, this action may be difficult. The Magloc solves these problems. In this video, Kevin Marchant of Naturally Happy Dogs shows how it works and tells us what he feels are its pros and cons. Kevin and Sally now use the magloc all year - even when they don't have thick gloves on!

0:00 Introduction
0:21 Magloc – how does it work
1:05 Attaching the old / original style clip to a collar or harness
1:51 Attaching the new magloc to a collar or harness
3:02 The benefits of maglocs

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