Watch video: Ringcraft with dogs - handling competitions

Do you know how 'handling' competitions differ from 'showing' competitions?

In this video, experienced Show Trainer Roxanne McDonald, tells us about the skill of "handling". Obviously, if you plan to show your dog, good handling skills will enable you to show him to his best advantage. However, even if you don't have a show standard dog or even a pedigree dog, you can still take part in handling competitions, where the judge is judging the handler rather than the dog. The Junior handling association and Young Kennel Club, keen to encourage the young to become handlers, support a range of competitions but there are adult competitions too. Roxanne explains what criteria will be used to judge the handler and how to find out about competitions in your area.

0:00 Introduction
1:06 Junior handling competitions
3:01 Preparing for competition
3:49 Handling classes
4:22 What the judge is looking for
5:22 Handling competitions

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