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What is showing dogs all about?

The 'quality' of any pedigree dog is determined by how well they conform to the established breed type set for their specific breed. These standards are set by The Kennel Club. Conformation shows (also known as breed shows) are dog shows where a judge familiar with a specific dog breed evaluates individual purebred dogs against the appropriate standards. It is the job of the dog handler in these shows to show their dog off to his best advantage.

In this video, Roxanne McDonald Dog Handling Trainer, explains about the different types of shows that exist and what might be a logical path through from fun shows to the more serious ones (such as eventually competing at Crufts dog show) so that the handler and dog can gain valuable experience at an appropriate pace. She also describes the different sorts of awards that tend to be attached to each type of show and about how best to prepare for the big day.

0:00 Introduction
0:08 Different types of shows
0:43 Open shows
1:08 Championship shows and CC's
2:04 Breed standards
2:43 Preparing for a show
3:37 Prizes at dog shows
4:21 Different classes -

During this video, Roxanne explains the different types of shows such ascompanion, pedigree and novelty such as handsome dog, prettiest bitch, waggiest tail. How open shows are usually local shows with many different breeds, breed classes and you gain show certificates of merit to give your dog a title after it's name. Championship shows are where you can gain CCs *=(challenge certificates) and if you get three CCs under three different judges, your dog is classed as a champion. Championship shows are where you may be able to qualify for crufts.

Roxanne tells us about the breed standards - blueprints for the ideal dog within that breed, how to prepare for a show (such as training, grooming, exercise, fitness and nutrition) and typical prizes at shows. She also explains some of the different classes within dog shows, such as Puppy, Junior, Post Graduate, Limit and Open, and how sometimes dogs and bitches are judges separately. Roxanne also mentions Variety and Stakes classes which are often open to all breeds.

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