Watch video: Dog Breed Video: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This is a video about the dog breed SBT from the website.

Staffy owner, Rebecca Hayter-Gare has had staffies from childhood. Staffies are little powerhouses, a medium size dog, bursting with energy, good at agility and generally fit and healthy. Rebecca describes why they are easy to look after and offers helpful advice to would-be Staffy owners.

Staffies were originally bred for bull baiting and, like most terriers, make good ratters too. They might not always be the most obedient of dogs but Rebecca appreciates the Staffy love of and loyalty toward people and children - describing their devotion as like "velcro".

Rebecca talks us through some of the health problems that Staffords can suffer from, another to add to her list is L-2-HGA which is quite significant in the breed.
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