Watch video: Grief and pet loss - what support is available

People grieve in different ways at the loss of a pet, but however it affects the individual, it is often helpful to have support during this difficult time.

In this video, filmed in 2013, Belinda Johnston tells us how to recognise when we are struggling and what support is available to help us through it. Belinda is a vet who set up the animal companionship charity ‘Our Special Friends’ (, as a result of her bereavement training work.

Belinda discusses how doctors, bereavement, counsellors, family, friends and helplines such as the Blue Cross pet bereavement support service (previously run by SCAS - the Society for Companion Animal Studies) and Samaritans can help during times of grief.

Belinda discusses how it's important to see advice from your vet when it comes close to making the final decision, even when you suspect the worst as they may be able to help.

Our Special Friends helps people continue to benefit from animal companionship by providing practical and emotional support during illness, bereavement or other crises.

0:00 Introduction
0:28 The human-animal bond / human-animal relationship
1:09 Important to get support for grief, even before the loss
1:25 Talk to others
1:57 Helplines and websites with support
3:12 Support from your veterinary practice
3:34 Support if your dog is lost, missing or stolen
3:59 Pet hospice (in home) services
5:18 Seek advice from the vet
5:56 Free emotional support
6:28 Our Special Friends

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