Watch video: The Deaf Dog Network

Help for people with deaf dogs from owners who understand

In this video we hear from Karen Lawe about how the Deaf Dog Network helps owners with all aspects of owning a deaf dog including training and using body language.

The Deaf Dog Network was set up only recently by Karen Lawe and Jackie Bunn to help to protect, and promote the ownership of, deaf dogs. It provides advice to people contemplating owning a deaf dog for themselves and advice to shelters about the needs of deaf dogs going into foster care.

One of the key aims of the Network is to try to put a stop to the culling of deaf puppies. Shockingly, some breed clubs stipulate, in the mating agreement to the owner of the sire, that deaf puppies must be culled. Owners of the dams who have signed such agreements then find themselves in the awful position of having to destroy otherwise healthy 3-4 week old puppies. The Deaf Dog Network has, so far, had some success with getting agreements like these overturned and has gone on to find good homes for the dogs.
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