Watch video: The Kennel Club Campaigns

Many people know that it is The Kennel Club that lays down the breed standards for the different breeds of dog in the UK but may know little about the other work that the organisation undertakes.

In this video filmed in 2015, Caroline Kisko describes how they actively campaign in favour of laws that are favourable to dogs and dog owners. This includes:

0:00 Introduction
0:28 Rights of access for dog walkers
0:48 Banning electric shock collars
1:01 Stopping puppy farming
1:14 Dangerous dogs act
1:43 The dog meat trade
2:34 Dogs in medical testing
3:09 Compulsory microchipping
3:33 Pet travel scheme
5:06 How can I get involved with lobbying for dog campaigns

Caroline tells us what sort of areas these laws are likely to be concerned with and how they approach making those all important changes. Finally she informs us how we can get involved if we wish to.

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