Watch video: The story of Victoria Stilwell

In this video (filmed in 2011), Victoria Stilwell (of ‘It’s Me or the Dog’ fame) tells us her story of how she went from dog walking to TV appearances and launching the Positively and Victoria Stilwell Academy dog training platforms.

Victoria recounts the path she took to becoming a world-renowned dog behaviour expert with a multiple successful TV series. Having filmed 110 episodes over 8 seasons in the UK and the US, ‘It's Me or the Dog’ is now enjoying a rebirth on its YouTube channel and has been shown in over 150 countries worldwide. Victoria now also runs the hugely successful Positively website for dog owners (, as well as the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behaviour ( help people become professional dog trainers.

She talks of her early years working as a dog walker, and doing voluntary work in animal shelters, when trying to be successful as an actress. Her love of animals, and her desire to get the message out about training methods based on positive reinforcement, lead her along the path towards television. She explains who inspires her in the world of dog training and talks of her plans for the future.

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