Watch video: UK Wolf Conservation Trust

Sadly the UK Wolf ConservationTrust closed to the public in 2018. Over their time, they donated £355,000 to wolf conservation projects around the world

0:00 Introduction
0:25 UKWCT history
2:00 Meet the wolves
3:43 Socialised / hand rearing of wolves
5:50 Aims of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust
6:57 Wolves and curriculum education
7:29 Wolf research
8:04 Raising money for wild wolf projects

Vicky Allison was the Education Officer and Senior Assistant Handler of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Berkshire at the time of this filming in 2013. She was responsible for the safety of visitors and for looking after wolves when out and about with the public. The Trust was set up in 1995 as a centre for education and particularly to debunk some of the common myths associated with wolves. As a result, the Trust was used as valuable facility for all levels of education. The Trust also helped to support wolf conservation projects all over the world through fund raising. Vicky told us about the wolves on site and about the different sorts of activities that people could take part in to enable them to learn more about these amazing animals.

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