Watch video: Veterinary surgery for bone cancer in dogs - preparing for surgery

In this video, Noel Fitzpatrick aka 'The Bionic Vet', explains the latest in veterinary surgery treatment for bone cancer.

Follow Baron, a lovely Leonberger, on his journey through to his surgery with Noel and his team.

Baron's surgery is pure definition of Bionic. He will be having an Endoprosthesis - a custom designed metal implant to replace an Osteosarcoma tumour in his forelimb.

In this video, hear Noel describing how the implant has been specially designed for Baron so that it becomes a part of his body with the tissue growing around it and how it will serve him for the rest of his life.

Noel explains how this will allow him to stay on all four legs instead of losing one and why this is better for Baron as an individual.

This video is a fascinating insight into the world of Bionic Veterinary Surgery.
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