Watch video: Euthanasia - what happens when my dog is put down?

What actually happens when a dog is put to sleep?

Ageing dogs and dogs with health problems may reach a point in their life when it has to be considered if it would be kinder to cut short their suffering. It's probably the most difficult question a dog-owner has to face.

To help with this decision, it can be useful to know what euthanasia entails. In this video (filmed in 2013), vet, Belinda Johnston, tells us what to expect and is able to offer some reassurances to anyone who has not experienced facing this with a pet before.

Belinda Johnston is a vet who specialises in bereavement. She runs (

0:00 Introduction
0:16 What happens at a euthanasia?
2:46 Should I stay while my dog in euthanised?
4:07 Is euthanasia painful to dogs?

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