Watch video: Separation distress (anxiety) in dogs

What is dog separation distress / anxiety?
In this video, Lizi Angel explains what separation distress / separation anxiety is. She tells us what sort of thing to look out for that might indicate separation distress syndrome. Not all unwanted behaviours in the owner's absence are due to this. Lizi finds it helpful to video the dog both before the owner leaves and in their absence as the way the dog carries out these behaviours can be a useful indication of whether they are likely to be the result of distress or not.

The video covers diagnosing separation distress and typical separation distress behaviours such as barking, destructive behaviours (chewing or destroying furniture or belongings), clinginess, pre departure restlessness, departure aggression, vomiting, urination etc.

0:00 Introduction
1:18 Video the dog
3:02 Excessive attachment / clinginess
3:30 Departure aggression
4:00 Excessive vocalisation – barking, whining, howling
4:55 Destructive behaviours – barrier frustration
5:13 Using a crate for separation distress?
6:04 Psychogenic behaviours eg vomiting
6:54 Separation anorexia
7:10 Hyper-salivation, panting, hyperactivity, urination
7:42 Stealing clothing
8:26 Which dogs develop separation distress
9:20 Noise sensitivity
11:02 Seeking professional help

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