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What is Clinical Canine Massage and how can it help your dog?

Jenny Youdan is a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist from K9 Elements Massage Therapy In this video, she gives an overview of Clinical Canine Massage, including the origins of the therapy and common misconceptions. She explains the basics of canine anatomy and how movement is created. Many people may have heard of canine massage but may well not know that there are different kinds. Jenny discusses these and also explains the conditions and issues that Clinical Canine Massage can help, along with her aim of keeping dogs mobile.

If you have noticed, or have concerns about your dog’s mobility and/or behaviour, you can easily classify your observations with the 5 Principles of Pain, a useful aid for identifying symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions that could be helped by clinical canine massage. Find information on the 5 Principles here

Further massage videos including "Canine massage - the benefits" and "Signs your dog might need massage therapy (detecting if your dog has an injury)" can be found on this playlist:

Chapters in this video:
0:00 Introduction
0:22 The history of massage therapy
2:07 What’s involved in canine massage therapy
2:41 Canine anatomy, movement and what can go wrong
3:47 Why is my dog stiff after exercise
4:17 Canine muscle strains
6:01 How can canine massage therapy help

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