Watch video: Canine Massage - a treatment session

What happens at a Clinical Canine Massage session?

In this video, Jenny Youdan from K9 Elements Massage Therapy gives us a demonstration and talks us through the different elements within a treatment. Jenny explains what information she asks for when taking a history (such as previous medical conditions, what bedding they have etc) and then goes on to describe what's involved in both initial and follow on sessions. Jenny always allows owners to stay with their dogs during treatments, and will treat a dog on a massage table or on the floor if it's more suitable for the individual dog.

Each treatment with Jenny is tailored to the individual’s needs, but Jenny gives us an idea of how many, and how often you might require sessions. We also hear about how to prepare for treatments in terms of feeding and exercising, and also post treatment feeding.

Jenny explains how she can even work with nervous or aggressive dogs (using muzzles where appropriate), although she very much appreciates being told if a dog has issues before the starts the session!

Chapters in this video:
0:00 Introduction
0:30 Veterinary consent
0:54 Are treatments at home or at a clinic?
1:10 The first consultation
1:50 Physical analysis – gait and palpation
2:49 The treatment
4:19 Follow up information
4:58 How soon should I see results
5:44 Preparation in advance of the session
6:37 Nervous and reactive dogs
7:15 Prices and insurance claims

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