Watch video: Canine Massage for sporting dogs

All dogs use a wide range of muscles on a daily basis, but sporting dogs are likely to place even greater demands on their bodies. In this video, Jenny Youdan from K9 Elements Massage Therapy explains how Clinical Canine Massage can benefit sporting dogs both in general and in addressing specific problems.

Jenny explains the benefits of pre-event warm ups, in increasing blood flow to muscles and helping to prevent injury, and post event cool downs to eliminate toxins from the body which reduces muscle stiffness and promotes faster recovery. Jenny also discusses maintenance treatments to check for and resolve any injuries, maintain mobility and flexibility and focus on areas of overuse and keep them in balance.

Chapters in this video:
0:00 Introduction
0:28 The pressures from agility and flyball
1:47 How pain might be causing performance issues
2:41 How massage can help with performance issues
2:53 Agility case study – muscular injury
3:30 Warming up and cooling down with massage
4:20 Massage maintenance treatments

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