Watch video: Canine Massage - how can I tell if my dog needs a treatment?

What are the signs that your dog might need Clinical Canine massage therapy? Does your dog seem "old before their time" or has "aged overnight"? Then this video may interest you.

In this video, Jenny Youdan from K9 Elements Massage Therapy tells us what signs and changes we, as owners, can look out for that may suggest our dog has a potential muscular injury. She also explains why it helps to spot them early. Jenny explains common injuries seen in the dog such as muscle strains explains why the scar tissue that forms after a strain can cause problems and how trigger points can cause Ischemia – deprivation of nutrients and oxygen to the muscle tissue.

Jenny covers Physical changes (lameness etc) Behaviour changes (such as depression), coat changes, posture changes and sporting changes (knocking poles etc)

Jenny explains how Clinical Canine Massage Therapy can help resolve these problems and stresses the importance of gaining veterinary consent prior to treatment.

Chapters in this video:
0:00 Introduction
0:50 Strains
1:53 Trigger points
2:56 Hypertonic muscles
3:39 How do you know if your dog has an injury?

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