Watch video: TD Rally - walk arounds

In this video, Becky Skelhon takes us through one of the Talking Dogs Rally® stations, "walk arounds".

Using our own office dog Sandy to demonstrate, Becky demonstrates how to teach the basics of this move with puppies so that it can be gradually built up to achieve the finished product. She also explains what is expected of dog and handler at each of the different levels of training and how penalty points are allocated at competition.

Sandy learns very quickly because she already has the basic training of "sit", "stand", "down" and "stay" in place and is familiar with reward-based training methods.

0:00 Introduction
0:46 The walk around exercise
1:18 Starting the walk around exercise
4:32 Moving on to the other side
6:47 Working on the down and stand walk arounds
8:35 Faults on walk arounds

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